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5.25" Loose Ring French Link Snaffle

5.25" Loose Ring French Link Snaffle

  • $10.00

Gentle double-jointed snaffle bit gives control without being too severe.

French-link mouthpiece provides ultimate comfort with this smooth, double-jointed snaffle bit. Gentle control without the harshness of a single-jointed snaffle bit.


  • More gentle on the mouth than single jointed snaffles
  • Ideal for dressage work
  • Encourages relaxation


Terms and Conditions

All Trials must be paid for before leaving the store

Trial costs are $10 for the duration plus shipping

You are expected to cover costs of shipping on return also

Duration for Trial is a maximum of 7 days

Must be clean and in usable condition on return


Please note: These may be on trial at the time of booking. If this is the case we will let you know as soon as possible and provide an ETA on when the bit will be available.


Photos are not of the Trial bits, but are identical